Halo Awards/Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler Interview

Tomorrow (Friday, December 10) is the second annual Halo Awards brought to you by Nick Cannon and Teennick. The Halo Awards will be on at 8pm est. 5 hours of Degrassi will precede the award show starting at 3pm est. Be sure to watch the Degrassi marathon and then the award show after. Halo, which stands for Help And Lead Others in this case takes time away from the glorious celebrity news, gossip, and more to reward young adults and teens for doing right in this world. No matter how young you are, you can make a difference in this society and that’s what this award show is all about. So to everyone out there, continue to work together to help leave your positive influence and fingerprints on this planet. Tomorrow on Teennick at 8pm. #HaloAwards

How do you halo? Lets make a difference in this world together

**Recently, Epitome Studios’ Execs were interviewed and answered numerous questions based upon topics regarding Degrassi. I must say that I love reading interviews involving Stephen and Linda because of the knowledge that they possess. It is a must read and plus you can and will learn a lot from it. To read this amazing interview by columnist, Corey Mintz please click here


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