Degrassi Roulette Matchup 3

Welcome to matchup three and this matchup is definitely going to change the course of this character challenge. As you may know, these characters are drawn at random and if you never believed that this was random then look below. Two of my favs already are meeting up so early in this challenge. Spinner and Marco both have advanced to the next round but there is no say in who they will go up against next. I know who I would love to see advance but we’ll see if that happens. There is a major connection between the two previous winners and there happens to be some history between our next two competitors. Remember to vote as many times as you want.




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2 thoughts on “Degrassi Roulette Matchup 3

  1. Wow,big shocker there,literally.Hope it’s Clare,as much as i love Fitz,well sort of love Fitz considering the fact that he almost killed Eli.But still gotta love the whole CAST.<3

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