Munro Chambers Interview

Munro Chambers was recently interviewed. To check out the interview to show some support, please click here


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2 thoughts on “Munro Chambers Interview

  1. we have a lot of opposites munro chambers,not like i expect us to have anything in common,ause like if i ever did meet u i would want to be a close friend to u,unlike the other girls who just wish they could go out with u and drool all over u,well maybe not that hardcore but u know wat i mean,big fan of Degrassi and the degrassi misfits :p

  2. i agree about that but you have to admet he is pretty hot. and i do love emo and goth guys so yea you gotta look at the brightside to all of the ubsessed girls its not like he would actually go out with them youknow he would probabably go for girls who are A little less ubssesed.!!!!

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