Coming Soon!!

Introducing Degrassi Society’s Roulette Bracket. We are in for a long break as people are already suffering tremendously from the lack of  new Degrassi episodes. While everyone is waiting for these episodes in February to premiere, I am taking the iniative to do what I can to continue to keep Degrassi alive and fresh as we suffer from this mid-season break. The Roulette Bracket is coming soon and will consist of Degrassi characters past and present from the Next Generation era to what we see currently. It is your typical bracket but with a twist. The twist is not that we will pit one character against another in an all out voting brawl, but I will be as clueless as you will be in terms of what characters are placed against each other. To begin the tourney, two random names will be drawn. This is where the battle begins and it is all up to your votes to decide who moves on to the next round. The winner moves on while the loser fades away forever. There is no set bracket as every round will be random opponents. All the names of characters being used are written on strips of paper and will then be placed in a box. Then the fun begins. This will go until there is one character remaining and we have a winner. If there are any potential characters that you would like to see in this Roulette then drop a comment below.


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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon!!

  1. I’d like to see Adam and Eli or Alli and Clare,oohhh or Clare and Jenna,I think it’ll be more interesting if u put the friends against friends

    • I like your idea of really testing the voters. I do feel like we will have some good matchups because I used main characters and just a handful of minor characters but I do love your idea.

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