Degrassi Brainstorming Session

Today is the day that Degrassi writers are getting together and brainstorming storylines for Season 11. Stephen Stohn tweeted the info yesterday

“Tomorrow, we start a brainstorm with the writers for next season’s storylines. Any suggestions for them??”

We have from now until the summer of next year to be excited for future storylines in Degrassi. This also means that Degrassi is not slowing down and will be in the works hopefully for years to come.  I’m curious to know what kind of storyline ideas you guys have. All of your ideas are sure to be great. My goal is to come up with a storyline for each character presently in Degrassi. This also includes characters that will receive more play in future like Jess and the yet to appear character known as Sadie. I will also post general storyline. Even though the brainstorming session is for season 11, these storylines will stay put for seasons to come.


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3 thoughts on “Degrassi Brainstorming Session

  1. i hope to see another rape that acutally shows the emotional annnd physical pain that person goes through. Maybe a boy gets sexually abused.

  2. Well during the last session of Degrassi i was hoping KC would stay mad at Jenna for a while and go back to Clare and get Eli and,obviously that’s too late.I’d also like to see one of the characters get involved with drugs,there hasn’t been any of that yet this season,maybe Eli,Adam,Drew,or even Sav possibly,one of the guys.I’m also curious how things are gonna turn out for Alli and Drew,it might also bring more suspense if one of the characters got injured but temporarily ,you know put their life on the line but right when you think they’ll die,they live,just not Eli ,Clare,Adam or Alli,cause i’ll be in tears,i was already in tears when i though Fitz stabbed Eli.But i’m sure whatever you come up with for Degrassi will be amazing,just look at wat you’ve done so far,just don’t take anyone out of the season from season 10,they’re all amazing =)

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