Degrassi Halo Review

Plot A

Jenna has feelings for Sav, KC and Jenna are an item

Jenna is a mess emotionally and it’s annoying but I must say that is a good thing because I am assuming that it is suppose to get on my nerves.  Jenna feels lonely and then is invited by Sav to do a duet. As Jenna is conversating with Sav, she conveys more of a message that she is lonely in a way. Sav wants to do something to cheer her up so he buys Jenna a wishing star. Jenna believes this is KC and interrupts him as he is eating lunch with Drew, and newly met Jess. Jenna invites KC to the prenatal class and he accepts. KC pulls a no show and Sav offers to takes his place. Sav do not get close to Jenna especially when she is pregnant because good things are  not expected to happen. After the duet, Jenna kisses Sav and somehow eye rapes the life out of him. Jenna goes back to her old self not when asking Holly J about Sav, but when she and Holly J step up to each other because Holly J has Sav and Jenna wants him. Meanwhile the oddball out is KC who still has feelings for Jenna but is still up in the air about the baby. Also, now Holly J has an issue to deal with and this leads to her telling Sav about what she and Declan did that one night. KC and Jenna somehow gets back together while Sav is hurt after what Holly J tells him.  The night of the party, Jenna comes up with a plan to get Sav to talk to Holly J by pretending to go into labor. This causes KC to attempt to reach Sav because he actually attended the prenatal class.

I wasn’t really excited for this plot by the previews and watching it sort of made me realize why. Jenna and KC just happened after all this drama about KC not wanting to be involved. I could understand him still having feelings for Jenna because he did love her. He just did not want to be a father. Plots like this one are ones that could be stretched out because they have the potential to be more dramatic and therefore more satisfying.


Plot B

Wesley gets his date with Anya

Wesley wants his date with Anya and I surely can not blame him. He decides to get her a bunch of wishing stars and even manages to ask  her out. Anya agrees and we begin the journey of Wesley. Here are where things get serious. In class Wesley manages to have a wet dream while thinking about Anya. Wes is unsure of himself so he buys a sex pill that is going to make him last longer. Wesley gets a limo for his date with Anya and it surprises her. At the date, Wesley is nervous and why shouldn’t he be. This causes him to spill water on Anya’s dress and then it stalls time for him to take the sex pills. This is not a good idea in this case because it gives him an erection that will not just last long, but will also go to no use. They take a trip to the hospital where a few things happen. Anya tells Wesley that she does not like him like that, and we see Doctor Chris again. He is the doctor that deals with Anya’s mom cancer treatment and also the one that Anya likes. Wesley tells Anya to get some coffee which sets up a plan for him to tell Chris that Anya wants to stay and have  coffee with him. Anya returns to no Wes but there is Doctor Chris who tells her what Wes said.

My favorite plot of the episode because it deals with two characters that flow so well in the storylines that they have been in this season. I love Anya and I love Wesley. They happen to be two of my favorites and I am excited to see what happens between Anya and Doctor Chris because he most likely still believes that Anya is at University. This should play out well but hopefully not fast.



Plot B

Adam  throws party for Fiona

Adam wants to throw a random party for Fiona and gets help from Eli and Clare. This is the infamous Ravine but it did not have much substance so here is hope to the future that the Ravine actually becomes bad again. So even though this party eventually gets setup, Fiona does not show. By the end of the episode, Fiona never shows and Adam is worried and calls Fiona while standing outside of her place.

I was actually feeling bad because I wanted Fiona to show up but things will heat up with both Adam and Fiona in the future. There was not much that happened in the plot but like I mentioned there is a great future ahead. You may catch yourself feeling the way Adam does by the end of the episode.


 So this is the last episode of the year so hope things intensify come February. Every plot in this episode dealt with love that did not seem like it was going to make it. Jenna and KC was a miracle and we find out that Sav loves Holly J. We also knows that Adam is crazy for Fiona. As of this post, 51% of you said you liked this fall finale while 32% of you said you loved it. Then there was the 16% that said you did not care for this episode.  I would love to thank everyone for voting and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate today.


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