Degrassi Fun Fridays

Degrassi Fun Fridays are about bringing the Degrassi Twitter experience to surface. Every Friday I will be asking Degrassi related questions and then posting some of the responses. Occasionally I will be bringing anything Twitter has to offer regarding Degrassi no matter how different, weird, or funny it may be. If you find yourself below on any given Friday, remember that it is positive and not negative towards you.

Hersch24:I pose a question to all of you. Degrassi Society: How did/do you feel about the FFA push to get companies to pull their ads from Degrassi?

DegrassiisDrama @hersch24 MAD because it seems like they want to pretend that gay teenagers don’t exist, and that being gay is wrong! when it’s not!
EminemDegrassi @hersch24 pissed

Hersch24:What are your thoughts on Jenna?

Spardel @hersch24 she needs to face reality and get over herself and stop trying to make other ppl solve her problems 😛

ohwellitskellz @hersch24 Never liked Jenna, never will.

Hersch24:Favorite part of tonight’s ep? Any other thoughts?

 WillowCatherine @hersch24 When they all died. Especially Jenna

PenguinJenni @hersch24 wesley is awesome!


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