Umbrella pt 1 and 2 Review

Due to a busy weekend and schedule for the week, this review will be quite brief. I will just give my impressions of the plots. I hope for this not to continue with future reviews

Plot A

As Clare’s family crumbles, she’s left feeling totally unmoored and irrelevant in her own home. But Eli’s parents have a strange offer. Eli’s mysterious, off-limits bedroom is too much for Clare to ignore. But is she really ready to handle what she might find in there?

This plot was better for me in part 2 than part 1 and I liked the focus more on Eli’s character rather than Clare’s. Some things that I enjoyed were all of Eli’s emotions. I wasn’t sold on Clare’s emotions. I would have also liked if Eli’s hoarding wasn’t just resolved in one episode. It was a great surprise in a Degrassi episode but hoarding just doesn’t get resolved because Clare can somehow save the world.


Plot B

Drew and Adam vie for Fiona

Drew and Adam both like Fiona. They both create seperation over the situation and then each brother tries to help the other. Drew can turn bad really fast by being a jerk to Adam to being sincere by the end of part 2. Fiona does not want anything physical which benefits Adam right now. Hearing that makes me believe that they will never take this Fadam connection that far. This storyline has potential for the future and was a good plot. Once again I did not like how fast certain parts of these storylines played out. Everything seems rushed.


Plot C 

Dave wants to hang with the older cool clique

Dave still wants to be cool and finds an older set of kids that he sets his eyes on. The problem is that Wesley is a loyal friend to Dave and wants to hang with Dave and the group. Dave steps up to Wes to tell him that he is not cool enough. So when Dave thinks everything is good, Wes reveals that Dave’s father is a cop stationed at Degrassi. This leads to the group, or mainly the leader of the group to consider Dave a “Narc”. Dave has to show the group that he is cool by taking something from his Dad’s car. This ends up being a taser in which he uses it on Wesley because he randomly shows up. Dave tases Wes which gets Wes upset. Wesley wants the taser to use on Dave but ends up tricking him. I like this new kid who actually spoke which means he could be returning for the next couple of seasons. Everything ends way too quick in these storylines but the characters involved have much potential.






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