Retro Character Of The Day “What If”

So to try something new in anticipation of watching the last two Degrassi eps back to back, I will be taking the opportunity of  branching off the great Character Of The Day series here at Degrassi Society. This is a way of paying homage to the Next Generation originals who have helped continue to pave the way from the past Degrassi shows to what we see presently. This is also to keep those in memories for new fans who may not have fully known some of the modern day earlier characters. These posts won’t be as in depth as the original DCOTD series but it will highlight some key moments of the character being focused on.The “what if” part is up to your imagination and will be discussed later.


older JT


young JT

  • JT stands for James Tiberius
  • Debut was Season 1 episode 1
  • Dated Manny, Liberty, and finally Mia
  • Got Liberty pregnant but Liberty decided it was best to give the baby up for adoption
  • JT was known as the original class clown and he is a toal classic
  • Was best friends with Toby Isaacs
  • Had a crush on Ms.Hatzilakos
  • He was great with children
  • Showed insecurity about his “manhood” while dating Manny in addition to Craig’s “manhood”
  • Grew up completely on his run as a character on Degrassi
  • Lasted 6 seasons until he was stabbed by a Lakehurst punk named Drake. Johnny DiMarco was also there. RIP JT Yorke
  • Has a memorial dedicated in his honor
  • Appears in a mini based off of A Christmas Carol where he returns and confronts Holly J

“What if” JT never died and still was apart of Degrassi?

That would sure be a pleasure for one thing. If JT Yorke was never stabbed, I could see Jiberty finally fulfilling their dreams while also starting a family officially. By now he would have been running his own daycare business or dedicating his talents to TV/movie production. Could he have been a great teacher at Degrassi? Could he have established the ever so wanted childcare system in Degrassi? It certainly would benefit Jenna in the future. JT had a legacy that far fulfills anything written above. His character could have served as a major role model whether he survived the stab, or if the stab never occurred. It was destined that he wanted to be with Liberty and together that would have been a power couple. Imagine him showing Dave the ropes of being a comedic of importance or just simply being the caring figure to those who may not have their parents around. JT Yorke could have served more of a purpose now than ever before.


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