Impression on Halo promos

Last night I posted the new promos for the upcoming “Halo” episode. I will post them below again with my impressions and predictions. If you have any predictions or impressions of the promos then feel free to discuss them. These are the last two episodes of the fall until February.

Teennick Promo

1. Not much to notice except Jenna,Sav, and Holly J have the main plot and its going to be feisty.

Much Music Promo

1. There are only three plots but I see the opportunity of four plots which means two of these must be combined in some way with the exception of the main plot

Sav/Jenna/Holly J




2. Seems as if the sexy view of Anya is just a dream and leads to Wesley’s “wet dream”

3. Looks like KC runs into a locker but don’t know why. Either he was pushed or saw someone he didn’t want to see

4. Drew looks to be after yet another girl. KC seems to help by introducing him to Jess.

5. Jess may be interested in KC who is interested back in Jenna who is interested in Sav

6.Adam could be excited about the idea of Fiona and wants to be around EClare for “tips” EClare wants to explore their own love

7. Drew talks about condoms but KC don’t look too happy most likely because of his lack of use of one

8. It is true, Jess looks like she has her eye on someone

9. This whole ep seems to involve some form of love, relationship, hidden feelings, or crushes

10. Don’t know why all of the students that do not include any of the main or recurring cast are excited while looking at the tv. There could be an announcement or a sports related event on

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9 thoughts on “Impression on Halo promos

  1. i just want 2 start off by saying that degrassi is one of the best shows ever made. in the much music promo, i think that clare and eli r gonna take the next step because he says, “This is where i de-flower Clare”(de-flower means like lose her v-card)

    • thats an interesting way at looking at it. I know they intend to take that next step but the question is when? If you look real close right after he says it, Clare’s facial reaction doesnt indicate that she likes what she hears. Yes Degrassi is great

  2. Jenna is like HUGE now and just about to pop. why would sav start dating a girl that late in her pregnancy anyways actually why would he even want to date a prego? maybe he doesnt. maybe jennas just delusional and sav takes her to the dance just to be nice, cuz no one else would go with her. and might be trying to make holly j jealous.

  3. And does Eli say de-flower or de-flowered cuz i’m pretty sure it was the 2nd one and maybe clare makes that face cuz thats personal info he is telling Adam (thats who i think hes says it to)

      • sorry i mean cheats, oh and clare better not chicken out on the whole v-card thing, after she almost threw herself on him

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