Love Lockdown Review

Main Plot

Declan’s back, and he wants Holly J back, too. Will she choose him over Sav?

Declan is back at Degrassi for the Grundy Awards for which the play from the end of last season was nominated. Declan ofcourse was the Director. He is back not just for the award show but also for the woman he has lost in Holly J. I mean Declan dedicates the award to her in an attempt to woo her away from Sav. Declan also invites Sav and Holly J to an after party. At the party, Declan again tries to get Holly J by taking Sav out of the picture using a Dj app. Declan’s sister Fiona helps the situation by doing a little too much drinking. Fiona is possibly the only person that could bring a common bond to Holly J and Declan. Later that night as Fiona was done being cared for, Declan set his eye on the prize in Holly J. He proceeded to touch her and even started to kiss her. We heard Holly J say “no” quite a few times but it seemed as if she were saying it because of what she had with Sav, not because she did not want to do it. In part 2 we are see Declan and Holly J after their late night encounter. Holly J’s expression was nowhere near as gleeful as Declan’s expression. He doesnt realize this as he is too wrapped up in how good it probably felt for him. You can tell that Declan had the time of his life as he is making breakfast after. He tells Fiona about being back with Holly J and going back to Degrassi full time. Fast forward to Fiona and Holly J and we find out that Holly J felt pressured into sex which in reality is just big trouble for any man. Declan is in denial about raping her and we even get to see them talk. Holly J tells him that she was confused about what happened. Nothing goes right for Declan as Holly J finds out that she got accepted into Yale. Holly J also tells Declan that she did not believe that he raped her which lets Declan off the hook. I doubt that Holly J and Declan will ever be together again because things are just done for good. I really liked this plot and it shows the quality of the Landon and Charlotte together. When I take a look back at this plot, it was done to perfection because one can relate to it from many different angles.


Subplot 1

Clare’s family problems makes her undergo some change


In part 1 we see the return of Eli from suspension. We also see how much the Grundy Awards mean to Clare as she is nominated for an award. This all goes to shreds because her parents were arguing not only before they were seated, but even during the award show itself. I felt bad for Clare as this is just another one of the plots that you could really relate to. Add this to the fact that she wasnt allowed to go to a book reading and you have a situation that is about to pop off. Clare decidesthat she is going to do what she wants and this includes ignoring phone calls from her parents. Clare also wanted matching piercings with Eli and that they done. Eli showed some maturity in caring about the situation. In part 2, Clare invites Eli over for dinner just as a rebellious act to point out that Eli is completely from a different family than hers. In what had no substance in any form, Clare showed up to school in some form of 80’s punk retro fashion. It had no substance and no one noticed or said anything. I do believe that was intentional because an announcement was made right before that if you get three dress code violations, then you will get a suspension. She did get a detention for some reason though. Later in the episode is the typical family fight and the announcement that Clare’s parents are getting a divorce. It was a great plot as well even though part 1 was better. I am hoping to see what can happen in a main plot for Clare.


Subplot 2

Chantay is not accepting the new rules regarding cancellation of school activities

So Chantay is mad at the fact that the Power Squad is getting canned because of the lack of  an adult supervisor. All clubs without a staff supervisor was cancelled which pretty much is every club. The school also installed cell phone jammer and blocked social networking sites, including Chantay’s blog. Yes there is Anya and Marisol but Chantay is a one woman wrecking crew. In part 2, Chantay stands up to Mr.Simpson by covering his car in sticky notes. She also serves as the vocal leader against Simpson for the school to get back to some form of freedom in the form of expression. There is not much to the plot at all. I wish they would just do two plots an ep and just get more of the characters involved. This is Chantay’s last year and maybe we will see her to a little bit more.


This review was an overall of both parts 1 and 2. I liked Love Lockdown overall but cant help to think how much I wish I could get an hour’s worth of Degrassi every week. I think the episodes stand strong together. If this was an hour ep, it probably would have been better. The chemistry of the show is different in an hour long ep as opposed to two eps seperated by a week. There is nothing I can do about it but all I say is next week we will see more of EClare which is always a pleasure.


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