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Falling Rain written by @ohmychambers and known as ohmymunro on

When I was younger, on rainy weekend days, I used to watch raindrops race down my window. I used to sit in front of it all day, just watching them glide, crashing into eachother, banning together for the ride down the the outside window-seal.

It was a comfort to me, watching this happen over and over again. Rain-drops against a gray sky, with occasional bursts of lightning illuminating the sparkling crystal drops in a beautiful, hypnotizing way. Sometimes, I would read a book or two, and as I got a little older, tried to study in front of it. Hearing the pitter-patter of rain against the transparent sheild of cold glass was something I grew to love, and no matter how much my mother tried to coax me away, I wouldn’t leave my spot, if only to eat or go to the bathroom. Even Darcy, my older sister thought this was strange, and she was a very open-minded person. My mother consulted several books and even contacted a therapist about the possibility of depression, but he insisted it was a passing faze. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, though, what people thought. Over the years, watching rain had become a sort of comfort for me.

Often, I would find myself in front of this window when I was upset, even as I turned thirteen. By then, I had enough sense to do it when no one was home, or when people were in other rooms, even if I just got to watch it for a few minutes. I wouldn’t exactly call it obsession, because it isn’t, and I’m not going to say it’s normal either. But it was a part of me, just the same.

-Present Day: Clare’s Bedroom-two hours after the breakup

It was weird, standing here again. At the same time, it was familiar, kind of like de ja vu.

Mom had left as soon as I got home, apparently getting called in early for work. Dad wasn’t really around that much anymore, always on ‘buisness trips’ that I suspected had more to do with my parent’s constant fighting than his company’s sudden, exclusive need for him. I had been here a lot by myself these days, and it was sort of okay, when something in my life was going good. That something happened to be KC.

Or so I thought.

Sighing with defeat, I sat down in front of the now dusty window, putting my head in my hands. It was throbbing.

Love, I guess, isn’t real. Not to say I was in love with KC, persay, but just the aspect of romance of any type-it never lasts. Apparently, the two people I had looked up to my whole life couldn’t even keep a solid relationship. It was silly of me to think a stupid teenage boy could stay true to one girl. Not with the kind of competition presented.

Blonde, peppy, cheerleader competition.

I hated Jenna. I hated every cute, petite, backstabbing ounce of her. I knew it was a sin to hate someone, but you can’t help what feel. And I felt like ripping her head off. More so, I felt like ripping KC’s head off. It wasn’t fair that he put me through so much. I knew he liked Jenna from the moment he saw her, and I couldn’t believe I was naive enough to think that I had a chance. Especailly after she made that boy-friend stealing comment to me. And after he started avoiding me, snapping at me, telling me how I could improve myself, in ways that started to sound a lot like Jenna. Have you ever thought about going blonde? Oh, God. I was an idiot.

Alli said I just saw too much of the good in people.

Isn’t it ironic that seeing the good in people is often a bad thing?

I finally gave in, lifting my head up to look at the window in front of me, as rain slowly slid down it. Slowly, I reached out to touch the glass, and I shivered as my fingers met it’s icy smoothness. I hadn’t done this in years, and it was a strange relief to sit here now, watching the gray skyline, above a gloomy-looking down-town Toronto. I even smiled faintly as one rain-drop slid down my window, gathering any others in it’s path. Rain-drop races, as childish as it sounded, were exactly what I needed right now. What better to remedy the fact that my supposedly perfect boyfriend just cheated on me with the biggest fake in school?

My phone beeped and vibrated in my pocket, and I broke my long stare out of my window to look at the new text.

One New Message: Eli

Surprisingly, this made my smile even bigger as I opened it.

You took off pretty fast today…what happened?

I vaguely remembered through my sad haze that I had been talking to Eli afterschool when I had recieved the news from a startled Alli. Without a word, I had taken off. How rude of me.

Just…stuff. My boyfriend. My boyfriend being…not so boyfriendly.

I sent it, on the fence about telling Eli that we had broken up. Not because it wasn’t any of his buisness (it really wasn’t, but who cared?) but because I didn’t want any of that ‘Oh Clare I’m so sorry he’s just a jackass’ stuff that had been fed to me by Alli and probably my mother later. I already knew that, obviously. There was really no point in telling me that. I was no so insecure that I thought KC cheating on me was my fault in any way. It wasn’t Jenna’s either, as much as I hated to admit it. Of course, it was her fault that she allowed it.

My phone beeped again and I pressed open. Hmm…sounds like a personal problem.

I rolled my eyes, but then not five seconds later a new text arrived. Want me to come pick you up?

Butterflies entered my tummy that I tried (and failed) to shoo away. I mean, sure, Eli had been a pretty awesome English partner and friend so far this year. Maybe I even had a tiny crush on him. But I ignored it. I mean, unlike KC, I would never have acted on it. In fact, I would have even rejected this offer before today because I would have worried about making KC jealous.

But now…

Sounds like a plan:)

Eli responded in less than half a minute.

Be there in 10.

I could feel warmth crawl through me, and I smiled. His words, even put into a text, were comforting and sweet in a way that even the rain racing down my window couldn’t touch.

-Ten minutes later-

I heard Morty honk out-side and I got up from my-cross-legged position on my floor, feeling a slight rush of vertigo make me dizzy as I stood. I went to check my hair in the mirror, feeling slightly stupid for worrying about it, but at the same time, I was glad I did. I think a lion’s mane would be an accurate description for the state of my hair.

Fixing it quickly, I rushed down stairs, grabbing an umbrella and opening it as I stepped outside.

My breath caught at the sight of the black hearse in my drive-way, and I walked towards it slowly and carefully as I could. The ground was slippery from all the rain, and I prayed that I wouldn’t trip. I found it incredibly nerve-wracking that Eli could see me but I couldn’t see him on account of the tinted windows.

What was I freaking out about? It was just Eli.

Just Eli. It’s just Eli. This was what told myself as I made my way to his car, thinking it in rythm with each of my carefully placed steps. I was almost there. So far, so good.

I took one more step, reaching out for the door-handle.

Then I slipped.

All at once my heel slipped and I fell backwards, landing flat on my butt. “Ow.” I said, and I could feel the shocked expression on my face. Suddenly, Morty’s passenger window rolled down, and Eli’s concerned yet amused face was right behind it, emerald green eyes sparkling with amusement.

“You okay, Edwards?” He asked me, and I could feel my face get hot as I nodded. Eli opened the door and reached his hand out, and I took it as he helped me stand up and climb in. “Nice landing,” he commented, smirking as I shut my door.

“Right? Now my butts all wet. Sorry if I ruin your upholstery,” I said, wiping the smug grin off of his face. Laughing as he pulled out of my drive-way, KC drifted into my mind, once again downing my mood. But hey, I hadn’t though about him in over ten minutes. That was a start, right?

I stopped laughing abruptly, drawing a concerned face from Eli.

So what did I do? I started crying.

In two seconds I went from normal to lunatic, breaking out into sobs as the reality hit me-KC had cheated. And he wasn’t even sorry.

“Clare?” Eli asked, glancing at me nervously. “What’s the matter?” I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t answer him. I just shook my head as more sobs escaped, burying my head in my hands. What was I thinking? That I could just get over this without a second glance? KC had been my boy-friend for almost a year. You didn’t just get over it with a few rain-drops and your cute, witty English partner.

Eli didn’t say anything more. He just drove as I sobbed, to where I didn’t know and didn’t care about at the moment. It wasn’t long though, before he pulled into a fenced-off area, the gap barely big enough to squeeze through, and stopped in a paved clearing. The loudest and worst of my sobs were passed, and I had my head leaned up against the cool glass window, wondering why I had agreed to come along. I was just weirding him out. He probably thought I was crazy.

Suddenly, I felt Eli’s hand on my shoulder, which I ignored, until he pulled me to him. I was going to pull away but didn’t have the strength, and so I finally gave in, scooting over and leaning into him, inhaling his scent and burying my face in his shoulder. It felt nice to have his warm arms wrap around me. To hear the rain hitting Morty’s windows as we sat in total silence. To have Eli stroke my hair until my tears finally stopped. To feel so…comforted by someone that I barely knew.

“KC…” I whispered, turning my head to lay my cheek on Eli’s shoulder.

“What happened?” Eli asked, his voice seeming almost pained.

“He…cheated on me,” I whispered through my teeth. “I just found out today…but apparently, it’s been going on for almost a month. I haven’t talked to him personally yet, but I saw him before I left and he had his arm around Jenna. The look he he gave me…it was so cold.” I felt Eli tense.

“That bastard…” I heard him say, not even getting on to him about his language only because I knew he was right.

“I was so stupid. There were a million signs everywhere, and it took Alli seeing them making out in the parking-lot for me to realize that he is, indeed, a…”

“Bastard.” Eli finished.


“Let me tell you something, Blue-eyes,” Eli said, using a nickname that I had never heard before. “You are anything but stupid. You are an absolutely amazyyzing girl. I never know what your going to say next, you bring a little spice, however corny that sounds, to my life everytime I see you.”

I was silent, but my heart was swelling.

“For one, you are a great writer, even when you write stupid vampire fiction. For two, you don’t care what people think.” Clare smiled slightly at the memory of them on that bench. “And for three, you are probably the most beautiful girl I have ever been graced with knowing, inside and out.”

My smile was even bigger.

“And any guy that doesn’t see that is the hugest dumb-ass to ever walk the planet.”

Slowly, I lifted my head from Eli’s shoulder, my eyes locking into his green ones, filled with nothing but concern and caring and kindness…and maybe a bit of longing. He seemed to stare straight into my soul.

Our faces grew closer, and although I knew in the back of my mind it was irrational to do what I was about to do, it felt right.

Slowly, I closed my eyes and leaned forward, until Eli’s soft, warm lips touched mine in a way so gentle and uncertain that felt perfect. Eli moved his lips with mine carefully, slowly, and softly, stroking my cheek with rough fingers. He was worried that I was only doing this because I was vulnreble, but I knew that this was more than that. It was more than a thank-you kiss, too. It was…perfect. And I knew that it was very wrong and slightly stupid of me to kiss another boy right after the one I had trusted for almost a year stabbed me in the back.

Why did I trust Eli so much?

Because I knew I could.

Eli broke off for a moment, moving away, “We should get you home,” he said, about to start put Morty in drive.

“Eli,” I choked, and he looked over at me guiltily. “I don’t regret doing that,” I replied. “Actually, I want to do it again.”

Eli’s eyebrow’s knitted together. “Clare,” he argued, but I shook my head.

“I’m not doing this because I’m fragile.”

“I don’t want to be a rebound. I just don’t advise you to trust your feelings right now.”

After noticing my hurt exression, Eli’s face softened, and stroked my cheek again. “I do like you, though, Clare. I have for a while.” My heart lept. “And if, in a couple weeks, you still feel the same as you do now, I’d be more than obliged to kiss you. Trust me, I’m wanting to kill myself for rejecting this chance.” He smiled. “But I don’t want you to do anything you might regret later. Okay?” Eli’s eyes were so full of caring that I almost burst out into another fit of tears. Instead, I just nodded ruefully and leaned back from him, putting my seat-belt on as we drove out of the clearing.

“Where were you going to take me?” I asked.

“Kind of irrelevant, now. I’ll show you next time, though.” He answered, and I didn’t have it in me to argue.

“Next time?” I asked, smiling.

“That is, if I’m not just a rebound.” He looked at me with those eyes again.

“I truly, truly think your more than that,” I replied honestly, remembering the kiss, and what he had said before it. True, I was nowhere near over KC, and probably wouldn’t be for quite some time, but I could tell that something great was about to begin.

We just drove the rest of the way in comfortable silence, until we reached my house.

I started to get out. “Ah-ah-ah,” Eli said. “We don’t want a reapeat of what happened.” I blushed as Eli got out, making his way around the to open the door.

“You’re soaking wet,” I laughed.

Eli grabbed my hand before I could reached my umbrella. “Yeah…and now, so are you!” He pulled me abruptly out of Morty and into the pouring rain.

“Eli!” I yelled, laughing, running for cover to my front porch. He followed me up to it.

I took him in; his hair was wet and stuck to his face, water pouring down the sides of it. I imagined I looked about the same. “You should go inside and put some dry clothes on,” he said, smiling impishly.

“Yeah, and I wonder whose fault that it?” I laughed, smacking him on the shoulder.

I opened the door and turned to go inside, but Eli tugged on my wrist. I turned to see that his face was now serious. “Since I’m going to have to wait two weeks, or possibly forever to do this again…”

Eli leaned in once more, and my breath caught as my eyes closed.

He kissed me on my cheek.

He then whispered in my ear, “call me if you need anything.” With that he let go of me, turning back to go to Morty. I watched him until he got in and drove away.

My heart, I thought, had just stopped beating. Smiling way too much for a supposedly heart-broken person, I stood under the cover of the edge of my roof, my eyes closed, listening to the rain hitting the side walk. It spoke to me in ways it never had before, whispering incoherent, comforting words.

Everything was going to be okay.



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