Don’t Let Me Get Me 1025-1026 Review

** Includes spoilers!**

Degrassi is back once again. We last left off with everyone being in a frenzy, Fitz being arrested, and Mr.Simpson declaring that his students would not recognize the school once they return from break. Mr.Simpson was not kidding. Before I give my grades, I would like to mention that the vibe of the two episodes together felt different and much better than some of the previous episodes. Over the summer as part of the epic “Boiling Point”, Degrassi had three plots of focus but there were only two in last nite’s episodes. I have to say that the two plots that were focused on offered deep story telling and other branching storylines. I will review the storylines overall.

Main Plot

Alli deals with backlash from A Night in Vegas Dance

Degrassi students are back in school from their break only to expect beefed up security including metal detectors. We see Alli and Clare together which is refreshing but it is not the last time we see them together. Drew Torres enters next and wants another chance with Alli but she declines. It looks like Alli is back to not living a double life. She decides she wants to join the Science Olympic team to get her mind off of things. This Alli is independent and will never deal with guys or drama again. I was wrong and so was Clare. Alli decides that she will live the double life by giving Drew another shot and still continuing to stir up controversy with Bianca. First, Alli lies to her dad stating that Drew is also on the Science Olympic squad. Then Alli is informed that she has to attend a self-esteem seminar in which she gets into a heated verbal exchange with Bianca. This leads Alli to going into Bianca’s phone to somehow send some private pics around the school. Things keep getting worse for Alli when Bianca approaches her and takes a swing. Lets not forget to add on to the fact that Alli’s parents find out all the gossip and news regarding their daughter from the HPV scare to the sexting situation. I mentioned that the two storylines in this episode branched off. I love the conflict between Alli and her parents. She definetly had it coming. It was refreshing to see this in Alli’s character development. Alli also dealt with Drew and then her conflict with Bianca which was quick but had its good moments. This storyline with Alli was being foreshadowed throughout the season and even though things happened and ended quickly, it was very deep.



Jenna deals with pressure of pregnancy and singing competition

Our subplot begins with Jenna competing to win a singing competition and balancing a pregnancy that nobody except for her and KC knows about yet. Jenna gets voted into the bottom two but is able to pull through. After a spill over woth a reporter about having a storyline or controversy, Jenna decides that on the next airing, that she was going to tell the world about her pregancy. It just so happens that right before she mentions it, KC tells his mother that he and Jenna broke up over just some problems. He didnt mention the pregnancy but he did not have to as the tv in the restaurant that they were at was focused right on the competition. Once KC’s mom heard the news, the look she gave KC said it all. Jenna saw a lot of growth in this episode as she stood up to both KC and his mom which I did not expect her to do at all. She felt like she had it all but did not know she was about to get a big slap in the face. Jenna made it in the bottom two for the second straight time and even had a big smile on her face when the host pulled a ryan seacrest on her. Jenna thought her name was going to be called to move on but she was actually eliminated. This had me laughing a bit because the whole situation came back and bit her in the rear. It was a good turn of events for the plot. I once again liked both plots but loved the two episodes in one. I feel like waiting a week in between part 1 and 2 will make things a bit dull, but I think this is a great way to start out the next half of the season especially when the two main characters of focus were rather disapppointing in the Boiling Point eps. What do you think about this episode and review? Is there something you agree with? disagree with? It was a really good episode overall.





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