Degrassi Minis

Courtesy of TeenNick we have some update on some upcoming Degrassi Minis in what could only be described as Halloween themed. These minis do seem very interesting. Check out the titles and descriptions below:

Premieres Monday, 10/25
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 1”
The full moon is known to cause crazy things to happen. Degrassi is already insane. Full moon… meet Degrassi.

Premieres Tuesday, 10/26
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 2”
Freaking Eli out isn’t easy. Maybe an undead girlfriend would do the trick?

Premieres Wednesday, 10/27
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 3”
The monster moon has made a serial killer of Riley. And only one man can stop him… with the vicious power of a guilt trip.

Premieres Thursday, 10/28
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 4”
Creep-o mime Fiona, meet sparkly vampire Drew. But… who’s chomping who, here?

* On an important note, Stephen Stohn will be inducted into the Canadian Music and Broadcasting Industry Hall of Fame. He has done so much work as not only being an Entertainment Lawyer but doing so much for launching music into shows he has worked on. Congratulations Stephen! Check out the link below for the press release

**Also in recent news, Annie Clark tweeted that she will be in a couple other minis that will be shown in the near future. So the minis for season 10 are not quite done yet.**


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2 thoughts on “Degrassi Minis

    • I do know that they will be released at 9pm Monday thru thursday. They are webisodes so I am sure the Teenick website will have them exclusively when they come out. Most likely they will also be shown on tv thru commercial breaks

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