Degrassi Character Of The Day#9

Welcome to the ninth installment of  Degrassi character of the day ( DCOTD) where a different character will be the main focus daily. When a character is focused on, it is most appreciated that everyone who likes and even dislikes this character should engage in discussion. Remember that there could but not always be guaranteed an assortment of trivia, games, quotes, polls, scenarios, and or other things in relation to the Degrassi character as apart of this segment. We love these characters and can’t wait to see them grow and progress over the upcoming years. As we are moving through the list of Degrassi characters I am noticing at how more and more popular they are getting. Our next character of focus is Riley Stavros who is portrayed by Agiris Karras.


Riley Stavros is a star football player for the Degrassi Panthers. He became showcased as a character in Season 8. He was just known as a football player at first, until he kissed Peter after playing a boxing videogame. Ever since this it became apparent that Riley was dealing with a struggle of his. Through Season 8, 9, and even Season 10 so far Riley has been dealing with his homosexuality. Kissing Peter was just one of the many conflicts. Riley even was taking steroids at one point. In Season 9 he thought maybe by dating a girl that he could cure his sexuality struggle but that didnt last long because even Fiona thought that he was confused. So by this time, Riley and Peter were buddies and Peter was understanding about his situation. Towards the end of the season, Riley came out to Anya and hinted to her that he had a crush on fellow yoga student Zane. Riley and Zane hit it off  and even share a kiss. Season 10 comes along and it is clear that Riley and Zane are a couple but Riley still wants everything to be hidden atleast until football season is over. Add in some characters like Drew and eventually Owen, the fact that Riley is afraid, Riley eventually using his fists, and you have a big conflict between Riley and Zane. Things go bad and then good when Riley enters Zane and himself as King and King for the Vegas dance. What Riley did not know was that all the ballots were put online so pretty much the whole school knew to some degree, his sexuality. Riley is out of the closet in school, but at home he is known as a heterosexual Riley. Riley is currently at peace with himself because now even his sexuality boosted his profile for a university football program.



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