Degrassi Character Of The Day#10

This  is our tenth Degrassi Character Of The Day as near closer to the premiere of the new episodes starting this Friday. Earlier in the countdown we have done both Adam and Clare so to finish off the trio, we are doing Eli Goldsworthy, who is portrayed by Munro Chambers. If it looks like anything is missing, well that is because we have removed the introductory portion that is used in the previous nine characters of the day. Throughout the many promos and most notably the “Shark in the Water” promo, one name stood out above the rest. The biggest discussion, even bigger than the Adam storyline belonged to this new character who bursted on to the scene in Season 10 as a Junior. He did not come alone as he brought along his car, a hearse named Morty. Now Eli is one of the few characters who really showed that his past has affected his life presently or may so in the future. This is proved by standing up to school bully Fitz which led to one of the events but a major factor in the school rules changing. Eli had told Clare that he was bullied when he was about nine years old. Eli’s dark mysterious past also showed that his ex girlfriend died which obviously had an impact on him. This led to him distancing himself from Clare a bit when Clare was basically in love with him. The jury is still out on his headphone usage and attire. Eli and Clare are now dating but he is serving a suspension due to the incident that occurred involving Fitz bringing a knife to school. Eli is not afraid to offer his opinion or be himself. Eli is also known to fans for some of his unique quotes. Only time will tell what Degrassi has in store for Eli in the upcoming years.


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2 thoughts on “Degrassi Character Of The Day#10

  1. i could not be more excited for our first Eli scene even if he is sans black attire my favorite Eli quote would have to be “Hilarity Ensues” i use it daily now

  2. i like Eli, i think his character has such a good background that there is no other place for him to be than at Degrassi Community High School. he really is one of a kind.

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