**Degrassi Takes India**

Some great news for all of you. So a bit of Degrassi news today came out today. The day of Degrassi officially comes October 8th and to help tie many of you fans over, MuchMusic will feature the casts’ trip to India. They will be doing this staring today and leading up to Thursday. Each cast member that went blogged about the experience of going to India. Each day a handful of pictures wil;l also be released with the blogs. These are exclusive pictures so it is sure to be very interesting this week. The first post came out today and includes a blog by Raymond Ablack. Today’s post also includes a video in which the cast sums up their experience in one word. Also quite amusing, someone almost falls off a camel.

Check out the link below for Degrassi Takes India

** Weday will be streamed beginning this Thursday at 9:30 am est on http://www.weday.ctv.ca



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