Get To Know Stephen Stohn

Who is Stephen Stohn? He is the president of Epitome Studios and also serves as an Executive Producer to our favorite show Degrassi, among others. The reason why I am introducing Stephen is because he has done so much for Degrassi fans around the world not just behind the scenes either. He is hardworking but takes time out of his schedule to talk to fans via Twitter. Now if you are in the United States or anywhere else and can not make it to Canada to meet Stephen Stohn at various meets and greets then you don’t have a feel for who he is in person. After conversations with him on Twitter you can point out that his personality connects so easily with the Degrassi audience. The audience consists of all ages, nationalities, and genders. He has so much passion for what he does and for how he relays information. He handles everything with such professionalism that makes you wonder how lucky the cast of Degrassi are. I found two links to some great interviews involving Stephen Stohn that really gives us not only some background info about him but also shed some light on the Stephen Stohn that most fans havent had the chance to meet or even talk to. So on behalf of Degrassi Society, I would love to say thanks to Stephen Stohn who is one of the reasons why us bloggers continue to stay humble and passionate. This is not to devalue anyone’s effort other than Stephen’s towards Epitome Studios and Degrassi but he is a great representative for all who either works next to him or under him.

**The first link is an actual video and is very informative despite its length**

**Stephen Stohn’s very recent interesting interview with KSite TV on everything Degrassi and even Shane Dawson-


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