Degrassi Character Of The Day#7

Welcome to the seventh installment of  Degrassi character of the day ( DCOTD) where a different character will be the main focus daily. When a character is focused on, it is most appreciated that everyone who likes and even dislikes this character should engage in discussion. Remember that there could but not always be guaranteed an assortment of trivia, games, quotes, polls, scenarios, and or other things in relation to the Degrassi character as apart of this segment. We love these characters and can’t wait to see them grow and progress over the upcoming years. As we are moving through the list of Degrassi characters I am noticing at how more and more popular they are getting. Beware of our next character of focus. Enter Degrassi character and singer Jenna Middleton played by actress/singer Jessica Tyler.

Jenna Middleton burst on to the scene in Season 9 as the new girl who was known as the “boyfriend stealer”. Backstab High is what she said her old school was known as which already gives you some indication that you may have had to watch ou tfor this girl. Jenna befriended both Clare and Alli even though Alli was worried at first that she was going to lose out her best friend in Clare. Now with the label “boyfriend stealer” still in tact, Jenna wanted to know who was off limits. Alli mentions Johnny DiMarco and Jenna was ho-hum about it. Once she hears the name KC, that is when the excitement level of Jenna increases. She gave subtle hints that she atleast liked KC throughout the season. It’s the common case of being in a relationship and then someone new comes along and steals the thunder. I am not saying that Jenna stole KC, but the addition of someone new to the scene prevented Clare and KC from truly being in a relationship where they could work out their problems effectively. Jenna is a solid character and is now hopefully on her way to winning the Next Teen Star competition but the biggest blow dealt to her in Season 10 has nothing to do with school and everything to do with her weight. She has weird eating habits, mood swings, and the typical can’t fit in her cheer uniform. It could also possibly be the fact that KC knocked her up and has now backed off because he does not want to be a father. We’ll see what is to come for the future of Jenna, KC, and the baby.

* What do you think about Jenna Middleton?


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