Surprise Degrassi Return

Recently on Twitter  there was a tweet from the man, Stephen Stohn. Stephen can tweet quite a lot so maybe this tweet went unnoticed to some. He tweeted that “someone unexpectedly returns.” He also replied  “It’s not Terri or Kendra. Over the past couple of seasons and few years, the anticipation by many fans have increased to a beloved positive boiling point as they have voiced their opinions about past cast members hopefully returning. You will always find someone talking about how much they have missed the old cast or asked when are they coming back?This tweet by Stephen Stohn has opened doors to that discussion for atleast one character making a return. Now me personally I feel like it will be a female because he ruled out Terri and Kendra but that is just me. The possibilities are endless heck I will go out on a limb and say Jimmy Brooks will make a surprise appearance. We do not know how long this special return is for a character who we have seen in the past but it sure is going to be exciting starting October 8th when the new episodes start up. Who do you think is going to make a surprise return?


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7 thoughts on “Surprise Degrassi Return

  1. its darcy!!! i know it!! and i have no idea bout the rumor of her gettin married 2 peter… i mean, spemma just got married so i doubt it

  2. It has to be Darcy in my opinion with all the Edwards family drama going on. Then she could give Clare some sisterly advice and tie up the storyline with Peter.

    • That is a good point that you make. How would you feel if it is Emma who returns? I ask this because in filming reality she has been gone for almost a year. I would love for Darcy to return.

      • Emma? I don’t think they would make a huge deal about her returning, she was just in DTM. Hopefully it’s Darce. Clare needs her sister and Peter needs a girl. 🙂

        • Yea i was just making a bit of a point that Degrassi tends to have those moments where something gets a lot more hype or buzz when it shouldnt. I would love to see Darcy.

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