Spencer Van Wyck Day

Finally getting a Twitter account!!! Hey Jahmil maybe your next

A few weeks ago I introduced a poll here on Degrassi Society about whether or not if we would like to see Spencer Van Wyck get a Twitter account. Now  for those of you who are scratching your head, Spencer plays the beloved bandaged up Wesley. There was a lot of support from you guys and positive votes that helped prove to Stephen Stohn that this would be a great idea. Last night  I had messaged Stephen Stohn which he’s pretty much self explanatory just by the name. I had asked him about an update on Wesley and he replied

Stephen Stohn stephenstohn I might know more tomorrow..

Well Today both Stephen Stohn and AJ Saudin made statements about the possibility of a Twitter for Spencer:

Stephen: “There MAY be some news about Spencer today!”

AJ: “Just a heads up. Spencer Van Wyck is getting a twitter today! I’ll keep you up to date.”

So there you have it, Spencer is finally getting a Twitter. This is going to be one special day as it is #spencervanwyckday on Twitter. Spread the word out. Here on Degrassi Society, we can help make change and a difference for the future of Degrassi. We will have the up to minute Twitter info for Spencer including his username as the time comes. Also thanks to TheAislinnPArmy for coining #Spencervanwyckday

***Its official. Spencer can now be followed here ————> spencervanwyck


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