Degrassi Sneak Peek

Today on Itunes, a sneak peek of Degrassi was released for free download. For those of you that have Itunes, Great!! For those who live in Canada or live in the U.S but lack Itunes well come to Degrassi Society. Thanks to a friend of mine who was able to upload the video to Youtube.  So check out the video and hope you enjoy it.

***update – This sneak peek as been deemed as a first edit and may be totally different from what we see on October 8th. The supposed sneak peek was only suppose to show up until the theme song***


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2 thoughts on “Degrassi Sneak Peek

  1. I love ur friend for this sneak peek. I’m hoping that Alli stays this way. She needs to take some time away from being the center of attention for guys at Degrassi.

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