Would you like it if you could meet the Degrassi cast as if they are role-playing as their Degrassi counterparts?

Ok so who wishes they could meet the legit Eli Goldsworthy, Clare, Drew, Adam, and the rest of the gang? I think it would be an amazing experience for the fans. Now I am not talking about this replacing a Degrassi Meet and Greet but as something different. This could serve a deeper interactive way for fans to get closer to the show. We are talking about the cast not only dressing but acting just like who they play on the show. Imagine  asking Eli about Morty or just about Eclare. On Twitter, each of the Degrassi characters ( fiona, holly j, chantay, ect) have their own Twitter which serves as an extension to the Degrassi world. That’s great but imagine meeting the actual characters and having conversations with them. They could even give interviews. As fans, artists, bloggers and more, we have a deeper connection with the actors and characters as opposed to some media writing genius working all the Degrassi characters’ twitter accounts. So perhaps Stephen Stohn and the rest can possibly get some Degrassi Life Tour going. I can only wonder the love and support they would get.

***For Degrassi Meet and Greet check out this link ——>http://twitition.com/hqfru



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