Degrassi Character Of The Day #4

Welcome to the fourth installment of  Degrassi character of the day ( DCOTD) where a different character will be the main focus daily. When a character is focused on, it is most appreciated that everyone who likes and even dislikes this character should engage in discussion. Remember that there could but not always be guaranteed an assortment of trivia, games, quotes, polls, scenarios, and or other things in relation to the Degrassi character as apart of this segment. Our next character of focus is Bianca who is played by Alicia Josipovic.

Bianca DeSousa is Degrassi’s tough take crap from nobody strikingly beautiful new addition to the show. She made a splash to Degrassi as one of the verbal ” I do and say what I want” type of bullies. She was seen usually hanging around Fitz just mingling like the world was theirs. She is known to enjoy music, dancing, clubbing. She uses her dance skills as apart of the Degrassi Dance Club. She is very dedicated and passionate about her goals and lack thereof. Bianca was last seen using her beauty and quite frankly skills to lure Drew Torres to the Boiler Room to do some dental work if I must say. She also loves making references to her buddy/rival Ron Ron.



*#Rant#* Say Whatever Is On Your Mind About Bianca Below


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