***Reader Post Dedication***

One of the perks to being to being a supporter of Degrassi Society is the fact that even you have a chance to get a crack at the spotlight usually held by Degrassi itself. In collaboration with Twitter, a certain special someone was able to win a choice of a dedicated blog post. The  winner happened to be a young woman by the name of Kelsey but known on Twitter as @wants2bDEGRASSI. So show our first ever Degrassi Society trivia winner some love and follow. Now you don’t come up empty handed as you could win some pretty cool prizes as Degrassi Society continues to innovate and bring you closer to the actual Degrassi. The trivia question that started it all was Why did Sav dump Anya after the prom? She was able to answer first  Now lets learn a bit about our winner and reader from her own uncut blog statement.



“I’m a Canadian, born and raised on the west coast. Still mooching off my momma, my favourite colors are yellow, green and orange. I never don’t have my nails painted. I’m in college to be a hairdresser, although I don’t want to be a hairdresser anymore. The day my friend Phillip sent me an email from Ian Christiansen witha video of Munro Chambers saying happy birthday to me was the day my life seriously got better. If it isn’t noticeable by my twitter-tag I really want to be on Degrassi. I’ve been watching for 10 years, and I own every single season on DVD. I actually wrote a character; her name is Kessandra Yorke, JT’s little sister. I could DIE if they used it. I actually write a fanfic about it.”

Congrats once again to Kelsey whose story is interesting. Don’t forget to check her out for her fanfic. She is an amazing Degrassi fan and its great to meet a fan with a decade of Degrassi of  watching experience. Remember to continue being apart of the Degrassi Society experience where you are apart of the future Thank you to Kelsey for beginning a new foundation here at Degrassi Society.


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