Are Uniforms out of the Equation?

So in a recent post by Jessica Tyler, it looks as if  the characters are back to their normal clothing as opposed to the uniforms that we know are going to be taken into effect come October. Some argue that it could be the actors and actresses normal clothing but I am not sure that Munro Chambers wears Eli’s authentic signature dakr clothing. Munro is also sporting a wristband which would not be allowed when the new rules kick in. So what does this mean for Degrassi and the future of the strict/uniform policy?

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One thought on “Are Uniforms out of the Equation?

  1. Note: There are crew members in the shot.

    Crew members would not be in the shot if they were filming, Jessica also probably wouldn’t be able to take pictures during shooting. The Degrassi cast and crew eat lunch on the cafeteria set (with covers on the tables to keep the set clean); notice that there are covers on the tables here and that no one is eating with a Degrassi lunch tray.

    Considering there are most likely multiple sets of each costume, it is possible that the cast is eating in costume… No telling whether uniforms are gone or not based on this picture… but it’s definitely not a photo from a scene… just the cast at lunch.

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