Degrassi Meet and Greet U.S.A??

Today there was a Degrassi Greet and Meet located in Toronto. The problem is that I along with many other fans are further away. Now every fan in Canada, United States, and more are wishing for more meet and greet scenarios. So to all the fans out there, if you want to increase the chances of  a Degrassi Meet and Greet to the United States then come support this If you do not even have a twitter you can feel free to leave your name in a comment box located towards the bottom of the page. The more support that is recieved then the more convincing this will be. I will personally make sure that Stephen Stohn and the crew gets all this. Degrassi fans are amazing individuals.

This is the experience we would like to increase


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8 thoughts on “Degrassi Meet and Greet U.S.A??

  1. Hey !!! Ok so im totally in love with degassi. I live in new jersey so i wish there would be a degrassi meet and greet in new york city or something. My gramother said she could take me to canada this summer please tell me a date for a meet and greet

  2. ok so i love degrassi and especially munro chambers he is the best and he is so cute and me and my friend were kinda wanting to meet him so when are the next meet and greets?

  3. I don’t know if you meant the box at the bottom of this page or the twitter page but I’m guessing this page so I’m signing it because I really want the Degrassi cast to come to mid-U.S.A. Please get them to come here because I really want to meet Munro Chambers. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!! 🙂

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