Degrassi Character Of The Day #3

Welcome to the third installment of  Degrassi character of the day ( DCOTD) where a different character will be the main focus daily. When a character is focused on, it is most appreciated that everyone who likes and even dislikes this character should engage in discussion. Remember that there could but not always guaranteed be trivia, games, quotes, polls, scenarios, and or other things in relation to the Degrassi character as apart of this segment. Our next character of focus is a character who is Clare Edwards who is played by Aislinn Paul.

Clare Edwards is the younger sister of  former Degrassi school attendee Darcy Edwards. Clare first made her appearance in Season 6 while we seen the storyline dealing with Darcy’s online predator. She became a main character in season 8 of the show and vastly improved her style since coming on to the show. As a character she has had such a natural growth as time as went on. She is a sophmore and has dated KC Guthrie and now is involved with Eli Goldsworthy.

Who did Clare say these to?

1.”Silly me, always dropping my feminine hygiene products.”

2. “I think you just passed it.”


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5 thoughts on “Degrassi Character Of The Day #3

  1. She said number 1 to Adam in a tampon fiasco, and number 2 to Eli after he kissed her and said he has a french exam.

  2. I like her post-KC, because she took off the glasses and made everyone notice her. Now Eli, Fitz, and KC are infatuated.

  3. I love Clare! Watching her grow throughout the seasons is amayzing! Second answer Eli and first is Owen… I think I’m not to sure on that one.

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