Meet and Greet Degrassi Style

On September 11, 2010 which happens to be this Saturday,there’s going to be a Degrassi Meet & Greet with many members of the cast. It will be in Toronto which is sad for the U.S fans including myself. The address for the meet and greet is 98 Yorkville Ave. The meet and greet with the cast is subject to take place from 2pm-3pm. Stephen Stohn has mentioned that the following characters will be attending the event. The characters listed below are in alphabetical order by actor name not Degrassi character name. *Stephen Stohn tweeted, “If you want more Meet & Greets, I recommend flooding the Degrassi Facebook page and TeenNick message boards with requests!

AJ Saudin -Connor-
Alicia Josipovic -Bianca-
Argiris Karras -Riley-
Charlotte Arnold -Holly J-
Cory Lee -Ms. Oh-
Daniel Kelly -Owen-
Jordan Todosey -Adam-
Luke Bilyk -Drew-
Munro Chambers -Eli-
Raymond Ablack -Sav-
Shannon Kook-Chun -Zane-
Spencer Van Wyck -Wesley-


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One thought on “Meet and Greet Degrassi Style

  1. i love degrassi and it would be an honor to have them come to ohio, united states, so i can meet the characters. Degrassi is my #1 favorite tv show and it is my #1 dream to be on the show but i dont live in Canada. That’s my problem. I think the degrassi characters should come to ohio. I am also in love with Munro Chambers and i would die if i got to meet him and actually become friends with him.

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