Degrassi Character of the Day #2

Welcome to the second edition of  Degrassi character of the day ( DCOTD) where a different character will be the main focus daily. When a character is focused on, it is most appreciated that everyone who likes and even dislikes this character should engage in discussion. Remember that there could but not always guaranteed be trivia, games, quotes, polls, scenarios, and or other things in relation to the Degrassi character as apart of this segment. Our second character of focus is a character who is new to Degrassi this season. A character who is a favorite among many and one with a lot of potential for the future. This character is none other than Drew Torres who is played by Luke Bilyk. 

Drew Torres is a football star for the Degrassi Panthers. He is the current backup quarterback of the team who has much potential to be the star next year. He welcomed himself to Degrassi as a guy who didnt gain any fans when he lived out the phrase “whatever it takes”  by blackmailing Riley so he could be the starting quarterback of the football team. He was able to gain plenty of fans when he stood up for his step brother Adam Torres who was being bullied and teased because he’s transgendered. Drew is a young great characted and we will see what happens in the second half of season 10 involving him and Alli. So lets welcome Drew Torres to the Degrassi Society’s DCotD club. To all you readers out there, if you are a fan or not a fan of Drew Torres or Luke Bilyk then come voice your opinions.


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