Show Degrassi Cast Members Your Appreciation!!!

Okay so you guys obviously know that on Twitter I have been devising a plan that involves Degrassi fans all over the world to show the cast members of Degrassi some much needed fan appreciation love. Tons and tons of fans have practically melted after recieving tweets from some of the cast but some of the fans including myself have taken the interest to the next step. It seems as if ART will be an option due to the releasing of  the address we could use to send in projects or whatnot to the cast members that we have grown to love. So if your interested in making anything artisticly related such as scrapbooks, posters, fan letters, or anything else to send to the cast as a whole or individually then leave your name below. Also leave what your intended to work on, twitter name, email, and which cast member it is for. I will update the list as time goes on. If  more than one person wants to do the same thing or person, then feel encouraged to work together if you want to.





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6 thoughts on “Show Degrassi Cast Members Your Appreciation!!!

  1. Alright Bilykers (Luke Bilyk fans) are you ready? 😉 Cause I have been thinking about this for a while now & I finally got my parents help 😀 I have been begging to get a P.O Box number for one special reason…to get mail from some bilykers. Why? Because I have been wanting to send Luke Bilyk a scrapbook of his fans for so long! & now I have a chance! 🙂 Would you like to send anything to Luke to be in this scrapbook from ALL his fans? You could send a letter, you could send him a picture you made, ANYTHING you would like as long as it’s small enough to put in a scrapbook! I do not have a P.O number, YET. But I will have one soon! So I’ve been thinking, the deadline to send everything in is undecided at the moment but I will let you know! Before Luke’s birthday is what I would love for it to be, but maybe that’s to soon? Anyways, if you have ANY questions/suggestions I’m willing to listen. Let’s all come together to show Luke how many people love him! 🙂

  2. Ok so this morning I aske @stephenstohn what scrapbook he was talking about in an earlier tweet and he said a munro scrapbook was being made. He then suggested I make one for Aislinn so that’s what I’m doing! Send a photo of yourself or her and a nice message to my email address at -@TheAislinnPArmy

    • I think thats a great idea ! I’ll be sure to send you a pic and a message (:
      Follow me : @itsjuliex96

  3. What is the P.O. Box address? This sounds like a great idea! Please answer my question, it would be so much help, thanks!

    • There is no P.O. Box but here is the address where you can send virtually anything:
      actor,actress name” c/o Epitome Pictures Inc., 220 Bartley Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4A 1G1

      So if it were to Aislinn Paul it would look like this-
      “Aislinn Paul c/o Epitome Pictures Inc., 220 Bartley Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4A 1G1
      Just replace Aislinn Paul with any actor or actress who you intend to send something for. Also thanks to everyone who have sent things out to the cast already

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