***Spoiler*** Clare+Eli

Recently Stephen Stohn tweeted a pic of Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers taking a pic with friends and family on the Degrassi set. Study the pic below and it is clear that both Eli and Clare will join a certain club. Does this open up the doors for potential storylines that we may want to connect to both these characters based on future episode titles? The pic is small in case some do not want to see the name on the shirt. Could this prove that EClare will still continue to be dating atleast through most of season 10?



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6 thoughts on “***Spoiler*** Clare+Eli

  1. Oh em gee I can’t believe tht Eli (Munro) in the show would join the Degrassi drama club WOW thts just like totaly unreal an well kindda awesome!!!

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