Do You Want Munro Chambers To Create a Twitter?

This is the biggest concern for everyone right now. It has been reported that he will create a twitter once he gets situated upon his return from the trip to India. If you want to give your reasons on to why a twitter for Munro will  be good then just leave your name and a comment about Munro. Remember that Munro Chambers will be getting this portion of the blog so everyone please show your support and love. Show Munro your support and he will get this to see all of his praise from his fans. Everyone comment and hopefully he will give one you guys a shoutout on Twitter.





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16 thoughts on “Do You Want Munro Chambers To Create a Twitter?

  1. Alright..alright^~^ Well..i absolutely adore him because.. He tis majikal & he brings frilly happiness & curiousitea to my hawrt & brain..^__^ he has a cutea sense of humor & he says he’s protective over thee ones that he is fond of& loving towards..& that’s pritti =^__^= & quite a turn on..o.O ..& acourse, helloh, he’s obviously creative with his ability to act which, i’d imagine is knot of thee easiest things to do, acourse. & I ‘hate’ to add this to the reasons why,..but come on.. .he’s like so attractive to my myself O.O & i don’t ever think anyone is. ..Well, just a few..vairy rare though. ..& you know i could say more, if i knew more about him..which is why he must get a twitter =^O^= at twonce!!

  2. Everyone wants Munro to get a twitter account. I am very scared though, that all the young ones will scare him away by saying they want him in their pants. I heard somewhere that he used to have a facebook but he got rid of it because of some stuff people were saying. Weather or not that’s true I don’t know but does he expect twitter to be any different? I’m scared for him lol. I’ll be surprised if he even gets to reply to anyone with all the @’s he will be getting.

  3. he iz so fuckin kewt! Claire iz so lucky! but i’m not a hater and i dont hate her! but if i saw eli i would totally freak out and kiss him on his sexy lip! omfg! but that day will never come! He is too cute!

  4. Well, I’m a guy and even I think the dude is hot. No, seriously. He got mad swagger. And I like that his character is understanding of everyone’s situations.

    • I know what you are saying because Degrassi actually opened up doors for me in terms of how I view people. I can speak of the female characters but also the male characters with the same ease. I would love to have Drew’s style. I’m similar but not to the same degree. While watching Degrassi i would say that i would befriend someone like Eli, Adam, Riley, and some of the other characters based off of personality. Before Degrassi I would not have said things like that.

  5. yes he should definitely get a twitter. it will help his fans cope with the fact that they have to wait w whole month to see his face & all the other cast’s faces. 🙂

  6. Dear Munro Chambers,

    I really hope that you create your own twitter!! You have quickly became my newest favorite character on Degrassi!!! And i’ve been watching Degrassi ever since the first few seasons!! I love your smart remarks and smirks!!Degrassi lovers,including myself can totally agree with me when i say you are a great actor and you just add to the Degrassi Cast!!!
    P.S- your one of the cutest guys on the show =)

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