Degrassi All Falls Down pt. 2 Review

So All Falls Down part 2 was the final episode of this summer’s Degrassi special. The Boiling Point highlights the first half  season 10. This episode had in my opinion two main storylines and one very minor subplot if it is even considered one but I will still give it a grade out of fairness.

Main Plot #1

Drew cheats on Alli which to leads to friction

There is a lot of cat and mouse in this plot as Drew is talking to Adam Alli. Adam feels Drew should tell Alli about what happened between him and Bianca. Drew insists that he not. Now Drew in what seems too take his mind off of Bianca decides to go up to Alli so he could get her alone somewhere for a makeup session. It is here when Bianca interrupts and suggests the boiler room.  She also reveals that her and Drew went there. Alli starts to believe that it was sex. This is where Owen overhears the convo but Drew told Alli that it was just a kiss. Alli seems forgiving about the situation later only if it were just a kiss. Later at the dance Bianca starts to flirt a bit with Drew but Drew wants no part. In return for keeping silence, Bianca wants Drew’s chips so she could have a better shot at winning the flat screen tv at the end of the dance. Alli walks up to them and questions Drew about why he is with Bianca. Alli clearly shows her frustration towards both Drew and Bianca here but then Bianca reveals more secrets about the boiler room affair. Alli storms off to go to her own spot  of the school to deal with this emotional situation. This is where Owen comes in and basically tries to play Alli talking about how much guys would pay to hook up with her. Alli being as rediculous as she has been this season even seems entertained at the idea of how much money guys would pay. Owen even tries to the play the “lets make the boyfriend jealous card” when he is really trying to get him a quick fix. Alli wants to make sure Drew finds out so this is where Bianca opens her mouth about Alli and Owen being in the boiler room to Drew. This does not go well with Drew and he goes down there to end the situation. When it comes down to the moment where Drew and Alli can have their first heart to heart moment, Owen informs Mrs Torres that Drew and Alli are in the boiler room. She immediately goes down there to break up the emotional moment and then proceed to blame Alli asking drew what did she do to him. Everything about this episode and plot was overhyped and prematurely blown out of proportion. We are left up in the air about their future situation but a good plot.


Main Plot #2

Clare plays peacekeeper

Ok in this plot we have Eli versus Fitz. Neither of these guys will back down unless the other backs down. Eli will back down if Fitz leaves him alone and vice versa for Fitz. Now Eli isn’t all too happy that Fitz is taking his girl to the dance. Clare starts to feel really good that she could end this situation when she gets Fitz and Eli to meet face to face to bury their battle. Eli doesnt want to be apologetic but Clare tells him to atleast try to make it seem legit. As Fitz and Eli are talking, Fitz doesnt seem to like Eli’s apology because it lacked emotion. Clare tells them to shake hands but Eli rather have some fruit punch with Fitz. As they are about to drink, Clare tells them to stop and swtich cups fearing Eli would have put some barf producing poison in Fitz’s drink. Instead Eli had this planned out the whole time and actually had the poison in his cup which led to him playing a trick on both Clare and Fitz. Fitz gets the drink and ends up puking after he dranked it. Fitz runs out to his locker and this is where Clare meets up witjh him to clear things up. I liked both Fitz and Clare in this plot because I really believe that Fitz is good and deserves a lot of credit. It is at this time that Fitz wields a knife out of his locker. Clare being scared, goes and reports to Adam that Fitz has a knife. The biggest scene that Degrassi had to offer this summer was the final scene between Clare, Eli, and Fitz. It involved Fitz and his knife. After pushing Eli a few times he finally takes a shot…… at the wall. This situation showed that Fitz was showing the fear that Eli really had. I actually felt that Fitz is a bigger man for the whole situation and I hope he comes back. A lot of people expected Eli to die or get stabbed but it was about sending a message. The moment where Fitz used that knife shocked me and the rest of the Degrassi world.


Subplot 1

Holly J and Sav get a little dirty

A plot that is not much of a plot but involves Sav who looked ridiculous and Holly J who looked stunning. Their plot did not matter and it was short. Holly J does some dirty dancing to Sav until the cops busted that scene. Once Simpson finds out he becomes furious that his two school leaders had that type of moment in his school. The plot does not mean anything but it showed another side of Holly J. To me this side was more special than the time when Holl J and Declan first had their in bed love making.


This episode was way too hyped up by Everyone!!!!! But to a non Degrassi follower or to anyone who does not pay attention to the spoilers and constant Degrassi news, this was a good approach to everything to set up the fall episodes. I am more excited now to see what is in store for the fall. Overall I felt this episode was rushed and it just did not live anywhere close to the hype that it was given. We dont know what is going to happen with any of the couples but that is what’s going to make things interesting come fall.


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