Its Official!!!!!!

No one dies tonite on this episode of Degrassi. I have read the backlashes about it but what is on your mind about the end of the Boiling Point as we know it? How about the beginning of whats to come in the Fall?


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2 thoughts on “Its Official!!!!!!

  1. Afd was a little over rated but still deserves a b or a b+ for the episode overall the boiling point deserves an A. It was so better than seasons 1,5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 imo. And more claire/eli drama in degrassi season 10 2/2 lol and alli leaves degrassi for sure can’t wait to see how different everything is with uniforms and everything lol but what did you think hersch lol I wanna know your opinion.

    • yes i do feel it was overrated and i will point that out in my review coming tomorrow. The Boiling Point pushed the character development and stories but I am anticipating the fall episodes more than anything which is a drag because once again one ep per week. I wanna see how far they are going to push Degrassi with these new strict rules

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