Fall 2010 Promo Degrassi

Im pretty sure it is Jenna who says she is leaving but we know it is Alli walking out at the end. I could be wrong


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11 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Promo Degrassi

    • I understand what you mean because after listening to it a few times I have came to a short lived conclusion that it is Clare. I feel maybe she goes through some crisis and wants to leave but actually doesnt leave. I want to see how that plays out

    • I know, that really did sound like her. I’m so confused did you see Claire with all that black.Plus she cut her hair again! I can’t wait to the fall season for i can know what’s going on.!:)

  1. I paused it right at the moment that the person is leaving. Who has a green purse/bag with black in some places in Degrassi. At first I thought it was a guy because of the hair, but this person has a purse. I am more than certain that it is Alli, she sometimes has her hair up, which from behind looks like a guy. Add the big green bag and the voice and the filming for How to be Indie and voila.

  2. So who thinks they should Give adam a cute girly girlfriend!!!!!! That knows adams a girl!!!!! And wants adam to continue to dress like a guy but helps her to realize that there is a such thing as lesbians that dress and kinda act like guys. And that life is way easier and better for them!!!!

    • YES I WANT ADAM TO GET A GIRLFRIEND!!! wat do you mean that knows adam’s a girl? girl body u mean? adam is a guy…. just a girl body…. and dont u mean “but helps HIM to relize”? i think u do

    • I think a boy should start to like Adam and so she can go back to Grassy she looked so pretty as a girl. I just hope that she goes back to her.

  3. Adam does indeed need a girly girlfriend!!!! I mean I wish they would of focused more on adam as a lesbian then a trans guy! Being a lesbian and dressing like a guy is way more an issue that needs to be shown in degrassi, I know it was hard for me and yea at times I did think and act more like a guy and wanted to be “one of the guys” but it wasn’t until my first real girlfriend that I realized, I could classify myself as a girl and not one of the guys but still dress like a guy and hang with the guys and not actually BE a guy!!! There are way more teen lesbians that could relate to adams character IF they had him\her realize that!!!! GIVE ADAM A CUTE GIRL!!!! Fiona would work she’s so hot!!!! I’m so in like with holly j though! That dance she gives sav with the hotblack song playin! All I can say is wow!!!

    • Hey can you not change your name when u comment because i have all the information and realize that its you just answering your own question from what it seems. You can comment as many times you like but try to use the same name. I do have the right to not allow your comments.


    • well, they cant focus on adam bein a lesbian then a trans guy cause, well, hmmm let me think. HE IS A TRANS GUY!!! its not an issue! they have never done a transgender character before so thats why they’re doin it!!!! they’ve done lesbian, alex!!

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