All Falls Down pt 1 Episode Review

A bit of confusion coming into tonight’s episode because I was convinced that Holly J and Sav were the main plot. So I will review the plots in order of air time.Let me start off by saying that this episode went over as really strong to me because of the atmosphere it created. Drew’s plot with Bianca and Alli was great and so was the other triangle involving Clare,Eli, and Fitz. The Holly J Sav plot, well you’ll see. Is this episode worth the hype?

Main Plot

Bianca invites Drew to play

So the first of the last remaining two episodes of Degrassi the Boiling Point did not disappoint to me in terms of acting and the atmosphere. We start off with the ever so confident Drew Torres. He is still having problems with his math probably because he pays too much attention to girls. One girl who he couldnt get his eyes off of in this episode was the gutless fearless Bianca. Bianca immediately started to flirt the life out of drew even at one point telling drew to zip her hoodie up. Bianca even sent what we know is a sexy picture to Drew. This gets Alli mad and as she starts to get up to go confront Bianca, Drew steps in and says he will take care of it. Now throughout this episode i could sense Drew’s feelings as he is being the object of flirtation. Drew just cant get his actions straight with Bianca. I applaud him from stepping up and telling Bianca that he has a girlfriend on more than one occasion but that wasnt enough to prevent him from going to the boiler room with Bianca. Bianca says “what your girlfriend doesnt know cant hurt her.” I believe this plot showed how amazing Bianca could be on any guy and just how Drew can fall into the pressure. Sets up an emotional story for part 2 tomorrow.


Subplot 1

To stop Fitz’s bullying, Clare decides to go to the dance with him

It’s official people. Clare and Eli are finally together and sealed the deal with a kiss. I repeat EClare is official! So in this plot Eli finds out that it was indeed Clare who set off the stink bomb in order to prevent Fitz from beating up on Eli and Adam. Eli decides to tell principal Simpson that it was Fitz who did it. We see the introduction of Fitz and he doesnt back down at all. After a verbal exchange with Eli, he proceeds to put eli in a headlock. After this moment Eli decides he wants to continue his zero tolerance policy for bullying but he is surprised ( or atleast I was) when Clare slips the next step( if you fans know what that means) into her next sentence. This surprised me and they both engaged in that brilliant connection they both share. They walk off with Eli’s arms around Clare. We come to the point where Clare is buying tickets for the dance. This is where she runs into Fitz. They start to talk and she tells him about the stink bomb idea. Now Clare wants Fitz to stop the violence but Fitz in returns wants a date for the dance. Clare decides hesistantly to make a deal with Fitz to go to the dance with him for a no violence clause. Clare is seen later talking to Adam telling him what happened. Eli comes and Clare starts to ramble off about World War 1. At this moment Adam blabs to Eli whats really on Clare’s mind. Eli don’t seem to be mad but we know he was feeling it on the inside.  Clare asked if Eli wanted to hang out but Eli requested a raincheck. Eli confronted Fitz threatening him if he does anything to Clare. Fitz once again does not back down and even mentions that he is going to engage in sexual activity with Clare. This plot will be the heart and soul of pt 2 of AFD. We end this plot with Eli visiting Clare with a plot against Fitz. He wants Clare to put a poison like substance in Fitz’s drink to make him sick while they are at the dance. Clare refuses to do so even saying she is not sure of whos side she is on. Now Fitz has proven that he is an absolute douche but I still like him ever since we saw him back in season 9.


Subplot 2

Holly J and Sav gets dance approved by Principal Simpson

What I like about these three plots is that this plot will serve as the host of the two plots mentioned above. The two plots mentioned above could possibly be considered as two A plots but we will see. Despite Drew and Adam’s mom being against the dance for security purposes, Snake gives Holly J and Sav the opportunity to still have this dance go through. Holly J and Sav already had the materials they needed for the dance and if it were to be cancelled, then it would be a waste of money. Principal Simpson made a stern statement indicating he wants extra security for the dance. I didnt look down at this plot at all because it will be where all the good and bad things happen in pt 2 of AFD. We needed this plot because without it then there wouldnt be hype for All Falls Down.


This episode is only the beginning and it did not disappoint. I am anxiously awaiting what is going to happen. These last two episodes of the Boiling Point are going to affect Degrassi for what could be years to come. The acting as I did not point out before was amazing.

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VotesAdam’s  73%Riley’s  20%Fiona’s  7%

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