Purple Pills pt. 2 Episode Review

Main Plot

 Fiona has been seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Bobby’s abuse, but overwhelmed with anxiety she turns to the next best thing – champagne.

This plot deals with Fiona’s emotional stability more than the first plot. I could actually understand her situation because I know some people who  would say the things Fiona did and actually drink as  well. (vodka not champagne) in this plot we see Fiona attempt her deposition again, pass out during her exam, admit she is crazy, and exclaims that Bobby did nothing to her. Holly J still proves to be her closest and caring friend actually bringing Fiona home after she passed out. Holly J then shows Bobby’s deposition back to Fiona while encouraging Fiona to fight back. Holly J proves to be an amazing friend even going to the extent of digging in the trash to find Fiona’s prescription and then having it filled. So at the end of this plot we see Fiona more determined and stronger to give her story about Bobby. I liked the emotion of the plot for Fiona for her emotion alone seems only fit for a main plot. I also liked Holly J and how she played a bigger role for Fiona’s well-being in this episode. I liked the exchange not only between Fiona and Bobby’s lawyer but also with her mom. Overall to me better than pt 1. it keeps the anticipation building as a plot.


Subplot 1

Riley is ready to make his relationship with Zane public but when a university football recruiter shows interest, Riley starts having second thoughts

This plot in this episode basically deals with Riley’s struggle to be openly gay and to have a future in football at the same time. There is not a lot here with this plot as we see Riley have discussions with Coach Armstrong and the coach of Eastern.  Riley is told by the coach of Eastern that their school is open and that having an openly gay football player would not be negative like Riley thinks but actually positive to the program. The big moment here is when Riley comes out of his meeting happily wearing an Eastern cap. He also embraces Zane with a kiss. This is a big step up for Riley and it has slowly been building up to a moment like this. Riley kissing Zane is monumental in terms of what we have seen with him in the past. At first I didnt like how Riley story was going but now I am glad it has happened this way and Zane has been a big part of that. The message is stronger in pt 2 but there is more to pt 1.


Subplot 2

When Eli cancels guy’s night with Adam to hang out with Clare, Adam makes a new friend, Fitz

Ok so Adam is trying to workout but what a fail it is but good thing his new buddy Fitz is there to tell him how to workout and be strong. Things started out good for Adam at first hanging out with Fitz and his boys. Now Fitz tells Adam to leave the gym so that him and his boys could start their fight club. Adam insists he stays and will not tell anyone. Adam says he wants to fight. By fighting, Fitz and myself  mean boxing. We see Adam using the punching bag often to show us his anger. There is a moment where Fitz brings in a sparring partner for Adam because he still feels like Adam is a girl. Fitz brings in Bianca and I actually got excited. I thought we were going to see some kind of fight here but instead Adam gets offended by Fitz and leaves. We then see Adam in the hallways and he runs into Eli. Adam has that look in his eyes that he wants to do something bad. Fitz shows up and Adam puts him to the floor with a punch. Fitz wants revenge and he doesnt quite get it because he says he doesnt hit females. Eli happens to get a bloody lip from Fitz. Adam knees Fitz in his manhood outside of the school. The reason no one expects anything is because Eli hatched a plan for Clare to let a stink bomb out during exams which caused everyone to exit the school. Fitz then says your “DEAD”  I like this plot because I did see a lot of aggression from Adam and saw some from Eli. Most of this plot was just a revenge plot but good nonetheless.  This sets up the forever anticipated All Falls Down.


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4 thoughts on “Purple Pills pt. 2 Episode Review

  1. I agree 100%. Im liking your blog its cool lol
    Btw my favorite charecters are fiona, bianca, adam, claire, eli, and anya.

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