Purple Pills p.1 Episode Review

Main Plot

 Fiona has been seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Bobby’s abuse, but overwhelmed with anxiety she turns to the next best thing – champagne.

Ok so we start off with Fiona finding out that she has to  go through the deposition phase with the family lawyer. she takes a look at bobby’s deposition and trembles as he sits there and calls ur unstable and put the blame all on fiona even saying she would throw herself down the stairs.  Fiona goes through her usual emotional battle and is prescribed a medication that she very well ignores. She decides that her own form of medication will be champagne. Fiona basically doesnt want to be reminded of her situation she had previously with bobby. the fact that she medicates herself with champagne even after holly j reminds her about the prescription shows that she can let her emotions take over her. Her plot was solid for me and serves as the beginning of what could go down in the next episode.


Subplot 1

 Riley is ready to make his relationship with Zane public but when a university football recruiter shows interest, Riley starts having second thoughts.

Ok so another Riley storyline here this season. We see Riley coming inside school with Zane which sums up that their date went pretty well as Riley is talking to anya. Anya wants Riley to officially come oout but Riley insists that after football season he will come out. Now Anya suggests that maybe Riley should vote him and Zane for King and King at the upcoming dance. Riley does so but freaks out when he finds out that the ballots all went out online. now Riley feels like he cant win if the team knows he is gay. So everyone found out about Riley and even asked him if he liked guys by someone on the football team. I did really like this plot and i liked how Drew stepped up and tried to be a vocal leader when everyone was against Riley. I wanto to see how that plays out in the future. Everything seemed good for Riley even getting an active recruiting visit from a college football coach. Zane is so excited for Riley but Riley being pessimistic brings up the fact that he is gay basically meaning that is going to ruin it for him.


Subplot 2

When Eli cancels guy’s night with Adam to hang out with Clare, Adam makes a new friend, Fitz.

Subplot number two basically deals with Eli blowing off Adam on not one but two occasions. Eli blows him off the first time saying he had to study when in fact adam catches him at the dot with clare. All Adam wanted was a guys night out but instead he found a friend in Fitz.  this started in the Caf when Fitz invited Adam to sit with him at lunch. Fitz even gets apologetic towards Adam and even asked what happened between him and Eli which allowed me to like fitz in a different way. They then both engaged in a verbal diss of eli and Adam even mocks Eli as he walked out the cafe. Now what I liked about this plot is that it was refreshing to see Adam with Fitz because for a split second I saw that Fitz isn’t demanding and that he could actually be a good guy. I know this plot wont last long but it was good to see Adam versus Eli for a change to spice things up.


Overall I felt the subplots were better in this episode and can set up better stories infuture episodes


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2 thoughts on “Purple Pills p.1 Episode Review

  1. Hey! I’ll follow and support your blog. Why not? :>

    Anyways, I pretty much agree wiht what you said about the episodes, but with your written reviews, I think you should elaborate a little more on why you did or didn’t like each plot. Also, work on checking that grammar! Nobody wants to read a sloppily written review!


    • thank you. i was a bit in a rush just to get everything out but now i know someone pointed out that it is about the quality of the product. you are the first person to comment so i will give you a shout out

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