Degrassi Society Shoutout

Big Shoutouts to Leeeee for being the first person to comment on my blog and to give some opinions on how i was writing which is great. This is our society so everyone will be valued and given credit

Thank You!!! Leeeee

Also Kaylynn from Degrassi for giving me some helpful pointers with my blog. Hope to keep in touch

Thank You Kaylynn!!

Also wanted to say thanks to xLukeBilykFever  and xTragicMelmoox
Shout out to Gina and Jhon for their knowledge and opinions



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2 thoughts on “Degrassi Society Shoutout

  1. Hehe, after the second “e” it’s kind of unnecessary…;p

    Thanks for the shoutout! If you ever need any help with…I dunno, stuff? I can maybe help…I’m moderetely good at lots of things. Oh, and thanks for posting the promo up there! I hadn’t seen it until now!

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